Catherine "Catzie" Maglutac

Metro Manila, Philippines  ยท  Get in Touch via i (at) Open For Remote Work

A curious developer with 3+ years experience in Android App Development and 10+ years experience in collaborating within teams throughout the software design lifecycle, keeping bugs to a minimum, and automating processes, with the purpose of making our lives easier with apps while mastering the Android SDK.


  • SPECIALTIES: Kotlin, Native Android, MVVM, SQL, TDD
  • TOOLS: Android Studio, Git, Coroutines, Retrofit, Room, Debugger, Layout Inspector, Firebase
  • FAVE PATTERNS/TOOLS: DI, Observer Pattern, View Binding, Coil, JUnit, Espresso, gitk, ADB
  • WITH BACKGROUND IN: Java Android, Agile, PHP, MYSQL, Laravel & APIs, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SSH


For details on my professional experience, please get in touch to ask for my Android Developer Resume, and I'll try to send it to you as soon as possible.


I have an ever-changing set of interests beyond Android app development, except learning how random things under the sun works, which has been interesting to me for as long as I can remember.

As of writing, things that I enjoy are:

  • Languages, etymology
  • Health, wellness, fitness
  • Visual arts, music, K-pop
  • Board games